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Excess Luggage is a leading international door to port, door to door luggage collection and delivery service. An International Luggage Shipping Service company. Providing luggage shipping services international, and a leading name in international unaccompanied Luggage Shipping Service and the preferred choice for shipping Excess Luggage Overseas; Luggage Shipping Services, Shipping Services unaccompanied luggage, suitcase’s or bags to or from the UK. Excess Luggage International Shipping Services Company has been shipping Personal effects, personal belonging for over 10 years from the UK. We cover the entire UK and our international shipping services span the globe for Unaccompanied Luggage, Excess Luggage Shipping Service Agents in London, Excess Luggage company Ships personal effects and belongings from our Heathrow depot, UK. Excess Luggage Shipping Services luggage, suitcases of effects, bags, guitars, bikes to all over the world. Extra Luggage Shipping by air cargo, low cost International luggage Shipping Services, Cheap luggage transfer Services, Budget Shipping, send luggage ahead  with our luggage Shipping Services concierge courier service from London UK for Door delivery. 

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 Excess Luggage Shipping Service Company Free Phone UK: 0800 096 38 39

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Excess luggage shipping company now offers short term storage of luggage prior to shipping or Shipping Services from the Uk. We can transfer your Additional and overweight luggage from storage facilities in the UK to your destination. Companies like our luggage Shipping Services your belonging to you overseas. Your luggage is collected and Shipped on the next available flight or sea going vessel to your destination.  You can send your luggage ahead with Excess Luggage Shipping Service to more than 200 cities. Recognized As a Off-Airport international Luggage Shipping Service company Shipping personal effects. Excess Luggage is the right choice for shipping your effects or belongings Worldwide.


UK-based international excess luggage Shipping Service company that specialise in shipping International Luggage. Worldwide Luggage shipping service,  unaccompanied suitcases, bags, excess luggage, skis, surfboards, golf bags and other bulky items to holiday destinations worldwide.



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Luggage Shipping Services


Luggage Shipping Services, also known as luggage shipping or luggage logistics, is a type of specialty shipping service that has been available for approximately 10 years and has grown in demand, particularly after the September 11, 2001 attacks.


The purpose of luggage Shipping Service is to reduce the hassles of Luggage handling commonly experienced by airline passengers at airports. Travelers have the option to call a company to pick up bags at their home or office, then have them delivered to any destination of choice. The process is usually repeated for round-trip traveling


Luggage Shipping Services


Luggage Shipping Services, assist with small luggage removals overseas or sending luggage ahead, also known as luggage shipping is a type of specialty luggage Shipping service for Excess Luggage that has been available for approximately 25 years and has grown in demand since 1980.

 The purpose of using an international luggage Shipping Services is to reduce the cost of excess baggage charges charged by airlines.  By shipping or sending your luggage via unaccompanied luggage services via air, or Sea Cargo to arrival port.


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 luggage shipping services international

Thinking of sending your suitcase ahead or Shipping Services, excess luggage, cartons, boxes, parcels or moving to? For this you have to keep a few things in mind. These are searching the different options for sending your suitcase ahead, excess luggage, cartons, boxes, parcels, Excess Luggage, moving to, immigrating to, and shipping to Asia, Africa, Europe, Far East, middle East or North America. Think excess luggage for you International Luggage Shipping Service, luggage shipping services international from UK to worldwide destination.

International Excess Luggage Shipping & International Luggage Shipping Service Company service;

Our luggage delivery service provides you with door to air port, sea port or even door delivery services for your suitcases, trunks or hold alls. Our sports equipment delivery service includes skis and boots, snowboards, golf clubs and other sporting equipment. We provide luggage Shipping Services from the UK, to EU, USA, UAE and FAR EAST and other destinations worldwide, send luggage ahead so you no longer have to carry your own luggage, leave it to us to Deliver Luggage to your door or Hotel.

 We can ship your luggage from the UK to DESTINATIONS worldwide, by air freight, by sea freight and by road freight.

We are specialists Luggage Shipping Services, Luggage Shipping, Student shipping, Student Storage, Mini Moves, Student Excess Luggage, moving personal effects or unaccompanied and Shipping overseas. Shipping has never been so easy; our on-line freight quote system allows you to check prices. When shipping or Sending your Luggage. Excess luggage we can supply cartons or you can use your own parcel, boxes, bags or suitcases.

Please note all personal effects; excess luggage, student shipping shipments must have must have a Valued packing list and photocopy of the consignee’s passport.  

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Excess Luggage Shipping Service Free Phone UK: 0800 096 38 39

Excess Luggage Local / Int’l: + 44 (0) 845 270 7186



International Luggage shipping services to

From UK, London,

 By air Caro, air freight and Sea Cargo, Sea Freight.

Packing Tips;

Make sure every box / Carton / piece / luggage is somehow labeled with your last name and arrival address info. Be sure to tape all of the seams of the cartons (top, bottom and side). So that cartons do not collapse be sure they are filled to the top, using packing materials to fill any unused spaces. If you still have space then cut the carton down carefully and tape it up well.

Appliances: If possible, pack appliances in the original boxes using the original packing materials. Otherwise wrap smaller appliances in bubble wrap before placing them in cartons. Professional packing services available.