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Freight Baggage from UK with Excess Luggage company based in Hounslow near Heathrow airport London UK, We ship, freight, Send, Cargo Personal belonging daily from our London warehouse to all over the globe from the UK. With over 10 Year of experience in freight forwarding baggage, Personal effects, belongings we are the right partner for your move from the UK to your global location. We can ship your bagage, belongings via air freight, air cargo and sea freight, sea cargo. Excess Bagage freight shipping services, is a specialist Bagage shipping  in the UK and we continually strive to fulfill these objectives shipping Baggage consignments by air freight, road freight or sea freight from the Uk with our freight bagage shipping UK service your are in safe hands.

 Freight Baggage Service

Excess Luggage company offers specialist Bagage freight shipping services from the UK's we offer off-airport Baggage shipping. We handle unaccompanied personal effects consignments of personal and household effects.  Our reputation as a Baggage freight shipper from the UK is well known since 1999 a market leader for freighting Baggage, bagage. Freight Baggage Australia, Freight Baggage shipping to India, Freight Baggage shipping to New Zealand, Freight Baggage shipping to Pakistan, Freight Baggage shipping to Dubai, Freight Baggage shipping to USA, Freight Baggage shipping to Canada, Freight Baggage shipping to Malaysia, Freight Baggage shipping to South Africa, Freight Baggage shipping to Singapore, Freight Baggage shipping to Asia, International Freight Baggage shipping to Europe and worldwide destination.

We also offer excess Baggage shipping import services into the UK from UAE, Australia, USA, and Canada. For information on Baggage shipping please contact Excess Luggage Company on:-


Excess Luggage Free Phone UK: 0800 096 38 39

Excess Luggage London local telephone Number / Int’l: + 44 (0) 208 577 0033



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We ship from the UK to DESTINATIONS to all over the world by air or sea.

Freight Bagage Shipping Quote.

Excess Bagage Freight shipping services.

We provide Freight Baggage shipping solutions for the discerning traveller with a range of competitive Baggage Freight shipping services tailored to your budget and travel plans. Our unaccompanied Bagage Freight shipping service includes supply of cartons and materials for owner packing and we arrange nationwide delivery/collection for shipment by sea, air or road worldwide. Please complete our Baggage freight Shipping Quote or simply call us and get the facts from our friendly experts.


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Freight Baggage Shipping:

Passenger's personal belongings carried on board an aircraft, boat (ship), or bus, whether checked or unchecked.


Bagage Freight shipping


Excess Luggage for personal effects will require a full detailed, valued packing list of the unaccompanied, personal effects, excess Baggage being shipped and a photo copy of the shipper’s passport. Personal effects, Excess Baggage shipping, Excess Baggage shipping, Personal effects are only permitted only for persons traveling. If the shipper is not traveling then the goods being sent will be classified as commercial goods, which can be liable to Duties & Taxes upon arrival in the country. The shipper and consignee must be the same person and must be traveling to destination. Original passport and airline tickets will be required for customs clearance. Please be aware of new customs regulations regarding reporting of cargo prior to arrival. Excess Baggage rates do not include some local charges which are related to customs clearance, such as Customs screening, which vary according to destination. Please be aware that quarantine fees will also apply and timescale for delivery averages 5 – 10 working days. To assist with the clearance of personal effects we would ask that the following is provided at time of shipment:


1.     Copy of Travelers passport page with photograph.

2.     Copies of any visa’s or work permits

3.     A detailed packing list

4.     An original, completed unaccompanied Baggage form signed by the consignee, who must be the traveler / owner of the goods.


Air Freight Baggage to

From UK, London,



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Freight Excess Baggage shipping


Passenger Baggage that exceeds the limits for weight, size, or number of pieces allowed by a particular carrier. Excess Baggage requires payment of additional freight and may be sent separately as cargo, freight and not as accompanied Baggage.


Freight Baggage Shipping


Baggage freight Shipping, Moving and Storage cartons/ Boxes are available from excess Baggage for moving personal effects oversea from the UK. Shipping cartons to another country from the UK? Excess Baggage shipping Worldwide made easy. Our Worldwide Baggage shipping expertise means we will ship your unaccompanied personal effects with ease.


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Freight Baggage shipping  services include: 

Baggage delivery service including ski, snowboard and golf clubs delivery. Sports equipment delivery service for skis and boots, snow boards and golf clubs. Baggage Delivery Services, Baggage Courier Services, Baggage Delivery Services, Baggage Delivery Services, Baggage shipping Services. 

Sea Freight Unaccompanied Baggage shipping

Passenger Baggage sent separately as personal-effects cargo, and not as Baggage accompanied by a passenger.