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Luggage shipping to Adelaide


Get free advice and quote for shipping your luggage to Adelaide


Luggage shipping to Adelaide? Excess Luggage UK are a professional shipping company catering for shipping luggage to Adelaide from most cities and towns in England, Scotland and Wales. We can either collect your luggage for your address, or you can bring your luggage directly to our depot. We are able to ship luggage from London, Manchester to Adelaide or to any other worldwide destination of your choice!  We're a specialistís international luggage shipping service for overseas luggage shipping to Adelaide.


Shipping Luggage to Adelaide is quite easy just follow our hassle free simple rule


1.     Call us for a Quotation

2.     If you are happy, we will book collection

3.     You will need to complete Relevant documentation for sending you belonging to Adelaide (personal effects link)

4.     We will process your order and forward you details of your luggage.

5.     When shipping Luggage by air freight, cargo your luggage will arrive in Adelaide within 5-10 working days.



Shipping Luggage to Adelaide from England:-


Luggage shipping company to Adelaide, contact Free-Phone UK: 0800 096 38 39

Shipping Luggage to Australia from London / Intíl: + 44 (0) 845 270 7186

Luggage relocation service from Greater London: +44 208 577 00 33

e-mail: info@excessluggage.co.uk



How to Ship Luggage to Adelaide


How to prepare your luggage shipping to Adelaide, Choose the right container like an old suitcase, box or a carton you can also use travel trunks and travel bags. When using a suitcase make sure you pack your belongings well before you decide to ship. You will need to make a packing list of items being shipped If you are shipping using a boxes then make sure that you have taped all ends of the Carton with Strong Tape. By the way we do supply boxes and cartons for shipping to Adelaide from London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Manchester and Glasgow; UK.  Upon arrival of your luggage in Adelaide our agent, will call and advise you that your luggage has arrived into Australia. Pending on the service taken prior to departure of the luggage from UK, we can either deliver your luggage to your address (Door-to door), or you can collect, pick up your luggage, boxes or cartons from our agent address at Adelaide airport (door to Airport).


What are the restrictions for shipping luggage to Adelaide?


We provide a Reliable, Fast, Secure and hassle free door to port, door-to-door air freight and sea freight solutions for Luggage and baggage being shipped; we can safely ship your Luggage  to Adelaide in Australia. We would request that your Luggage, Suitcases, Bags, Boxed Items are not heavier than 30kg per single item. This Is due to Health & Safety of our staff and agents. When sending luggage from the UK to Adelaide (SYD) it is important to bear in mind that we are not able to carry certain items by air in your additional, extra luggage for Shipping.  Please note that we are not allowed to carry any Dangerous or Hazardous goods within your personal effects or Personal belongings to Australia.


We offer competitive, cheap luggage shipping prices and a range of shipping solutions to ship luggage to Adelaide.